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i'm not sure what the avg. price differences are between insuring a tt and insuring an na. i have friends that pay an assload to insure their tt's, and i have other pretty broke friends that can still get their na's insured w/o a huge hit in the wallet.

hypothetically, would the cost of converting an na to a tt eventually pay itself off (or make it more worthwhile) if you bought an na, insured it as an na, and then swapped in the tt motor/tranny/etc.? would that be considered insurance fraud lol? you na-t guys don't pay anymore for insurance than the na guys, do you?

and finally, i'm curious how many people here have actually swapped a motor? it's not the hardest task in the world, but for some reason swapping a tt motorset into an na seems like such a forbidden and impossible idea for many. i've done 15+ swaps (honda/nissan), and i really can't imagine how the level of difficulty could get out of hand. i can get oem toyota parts at cost, and i know the ins and outs of swapping engines, trannys, electronics, etc., yet i'm discouraged when i bring up the topic. the reason i'm asking this is because a decent na supra can drop as low as 10k (or lower), and i can't imagine the swap costing me more than 10k, which basically leaves me w/ a low mileage tt supra and na insurance for 20k or less.

just curious...i'm not trying to go against the grain too much...i appreciate any kind of info/input....thanks
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