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does anyone have any experience with getting this entire kit, and if it's any good or not? or would it be better just to get all the components separately to choose which brand you really want? i remember reading that dave's sp-63 cost him about $8,000 (i know that's not just the turbo, but other internals and things, but..) yeah, i think that's a bit too steep for me... :eek:

the kit is $4800 and claims to give you 320hp.... but fusion supra put out 280-something rwhp purely n/a :cool:. does anyone know how much it cost him total? i read his mod list awhile ago, but i couldn't find the link anymore...

any advice would be good :D

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I've watched fusionsuprA & admired him from afar. His ecu is custom, he has other add-ons & has replaced a fuel pump & head gasket. Me, I want what he has. He paid a price for development. I love his results:D If you are set on staying n/a, do what he did. Check out Dave H. A turbo kit can be the shit! Its your car, enjoy!:cool:
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