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Since this forum deals in high end audio equipment and Lexus is a Toyota owned company, maybe this question is indirectly Supra related :)

The driver's side front speaker in mom's '91 LS400 went out. When I use the balance and fader to isolate that speaker, it plays clearly, but at a very very low volume no matter where the volume dial is turned.
It went out one night several months ago while I was driving and had the radio up fairly loud. Because there is no crackle in the speaker, and it still plays, I'm wondering if the speaker may be fine and some other component is fried.
Did the nakamichi Lexus speakers come individually amplified like Bose?

Anyone who could direct me in solving this problem, please reply.
I'm not interested in upgrading the stereo since it's mom's car, just fixing the factory problem.

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