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Well i would like to thank everyone that came out and supported the event (supra owners and non supra owners) you guys helped make this great and allow this event to even be thought about,with out you guys we would not be throwing this event .

I would also like to thank the sponsors whom with out there help we could not throw this event 90% of the items where donated by them .

Some misunderstandings that happen at the event ----.

First off Mike from e-shift was very help full as he did not charge US a dime to host the event at his shop ,We at first where going to give free food away like we planned (we had over 400.00 bucks worth in our trucks )but the day before the event the city was informed we where going to be cooking at this event and made Mike buy a permit for cooking or for the fire safety ( i forget).Mike called me that night but i was unable to get the call since i was doing other things till 2am
at the meet he kinda explained to me what happen and told me he would need to sell food to make up for the bill and after the meet he showed me the bill that he paid for up front and did not ask me for a dime .

items that some of our staff thought was stolen :
This was a total misunderstanding I had given some of the guys and girls from e-shift the ok to take some items as i thought we had more than enough to give away to everyone, Sadly i did not tell Dukkie ,Brian or VIC about this as i was running around so much that i was forgetting :( too.
(sorry guys )

the guys with e-shift tees(they don't work for e-shift) where under the misunderstanding that only DYNO and Show & Shine car where allowed on the lot .

I ended up getting a hold of MIKe whom was busy on the dyno and had him stop what he was doing so he could come out and explain to his helpers that any and all Supras where allowed to enter the lot area regardless of if there not going to Dyno or be in the Show & Shine part of the event .

The Guy working for Primemedia (whom has 20 years or more doing this i belive) arrived supra <----:D early and told us what he would be doing so he was far from lost if anything he was more on his game than anything .
many pics where taken at the event , i know this because after everyone left around 10:30pm when we where all sitting down he was showing us and telling us his thoughts and what he had done just so we would know .
Sadly many of you did not know whom the guy was but he wanted it that way. So unless someone was following this guy all around all day you did not see all the pics he took and man he took thousands .

Also i forgot too add that MIKE from e shift was very help full in helping us get primedia there for the event with out him it might not have happen

any ways i just wanted to clear some things up about MIKe Wade (i hope i got that right) ,jay and the guys and gals from e-shift that helped.

award :
guys the awards for the non supra cars was done as a favor we where not even going to do this but i knew many non supra owners would be coming and as a favor to mike as well we decided at the last moment to have trophies for them as well so they did not feel left out .

I'm sure many don't agree about whom won or lost and many on the other had do but guys this is nothing to fight over .
NEXT year (yes there will be one next year :) )we will let the people at the event vote on whom they think should win and we will have a class for MKIVs, MkIIIs and MKII so no one feels left out .

on a side note we will be having a Free (food)BBQ some time in July or august at a park to make up for the free food we wanted to give away.
and you don't have to bring your supras if you don't want,just bring your family and friends is all we ask so we can have a good time.

Well sorry for the misunderstanding this year and hopefully we learned alot that will help us in next years event .
i just hope for the most part everyone had fun, i know i did joking around with friends and all.

Thanks again everyone for showing up !
-Alberto Santiago aka Ranger498

HeadGames Motorworks

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