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Need a BCC! Answer this question, please.

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Having a little problem tracking down a BCC here in Japan...because I don't know what the hell they call it and when I try to explain it to anyone, they have no idea. Here's the a US spec BCC (greddy part # 15510006 or something) compatible with a J-spec ECU? I can find anything else I need except this, which I kinda need to do anything else. Hook a brotha up!!!

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I don't believe you want to use a BCC on a J-Spec car.... Don't those use the turbo pressure signal instead of the MAF to actually measure air for fuel output purposes? If so, a BCC could cause you to go lean & blow your motor.


how can BCC make car run lean? care to shine some light on this subject since I'm having some lean issue?

mabe the HKS Fuel Cut Defenser might help you instead!
On a J-Spec motor, a BCC or an FCD would cause you to go lean. Why? Because the motor USES the turbo pressure signal to decide how much fuel to put in.... if you put a cap on this signal (BCC) or reduce it by a constant percentace (FCD), either way you will cause it to go lean.

On a US-Spec motor, we have a mass air sensor so the TPS is only used for sequential stuff as well as switching the fuel pump to 12v... so a BCC is fine on a US car, as long as it's installed right..... ;)

sounds good, thanx. I did the 12V mode so now it shouldnt be an issue. gonna test the car out tonight and see how EGT goes..
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