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So the "paint guy" I was advised to go to from a friend painted every seal in my car ( couldn't figure out how to get the targa off, so instead of calling and asking, he painted the seals too)
Looking for a price quote for most of the rubber plastic weather seals including:
windshield surround
hatch glass surround
targa front and rear ( the long rubber seal that wraps around the front and back areas the targa sits on.
rear quarter surrounds
front door seals ( not the one that interacts with the targa, but the smaller one the front of the window rests against
trunk rubber stoppers
also need
passenger hood hinge
both hood latches
both door strikers
the hardware that holds both headlights in

I also need the upper driver fender support rail ( when you take off the fender, there are multiple layers of thin metal welded together, i need the top most one.)

the AC expansion valve.
front bumper 93-96 not including the lip
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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