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Does anyone know of any VIRUSES that i can send to someone that wont effect me when sending

it can be of any size
i just dont want to be effected by it thats all

and please dont send any to me in that way
i dont want one, i just need one to send to someone!

thank you


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just have someone with herpes put their dick in your rj45 port and jizz in it and vuala you got a virus

Cordeez said:
sub 7, it has a troj in it, but u can remove it, just type
downlaod Sub7 in google
Yeah, sub7 is a trojan itself. Back Orriface is too. Trojans won't really harm their computer. You use them as a back door to get in their PC.

There are tons of virii out there. I hate to say this, but why not just spam whoever it is? You could give him a DoS (Denial of Service) attack. You have to have their IP address for this and a flooder/nuker. I'll probably get flamed because I know these things are lame.

If he has an up to date virii scanner (virii definitions are up to date) then it won't work. The scanner will detect it automatically if it's constantly running like Norton. It might even detect it if it could possibly be a virus.
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