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Guys - I picked up an ECU from a '94 auto. I need suggestions for a course of action. The seller said hes car was registering engine error codes and he bought a used ECU and the codes went away. ???

Which shops can test it to determine if this ECU is shot or just fine? Is there a shop that can verify this AND somehow upgrade it while they're at it?

Here's the bigger question for me - if I can verify that the ECU is good, should I swap my OBDII ECU out and put this on in my '97 instead???


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Hi how's it going... when's the next time you're coming to SoCal?!

Anyway - if I had a spare ECU laying around with some extra cash to boot, I'd send it to G-Force to get it reprogrammed so that it can have better fuel mapping, no need for a BCC, and a raised rev limiter. They'd probably be able to tell you what was wrong and possibly fix it as well.

Oh yeah, and since its an OBD I ECU you can get rid of that damn OBD II O2 sensor warning. :mad:

Then I'd install it in that RSP beauty of mine in my garage. ;)

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