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I have my motor all back together and in...Only a few problems though...

-Idle is not real steady kinda rough

-There is a whisle coming from the lower intake mani. when you start to decelerate Already replace the gaskets there were no cracks or anything.

-At a steady throttle you can feel a shudder but there is no power loss.

-#1 Coil is weak...I was thinking that might be where the shudder^ is coming from

-Sometimes I get 1 bar for boost and other times I am only getting .5 bar

-I cant run the car with an air filter either.

So that is really all if there are any questions about anything just ask.

Motor: 7MGTE
Rebuild: Stock Basically
Injectors: 550cc
Head Gasket: Stock
Head bolts: ARP
Cams: N/A Cams
AFM; Lexis
Intercooler: Stock
Exhaust: 3"
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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