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Need explanation to install SBC ID

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I've read the great guide "install DSBC" which seems to be the one to use when installing my new Blitz SBC ID.

But I can't get everything right with it.....

"Disconnect and remove the two hoses from the black wastegate VSV (just above the alternator), then cap (1 & 2 in fig. 6). "

I guess I shall just disonnect and remove 1&2 in fig 6,
Can I completely disconnect both ends of these hoses and remove them completely?
then it says " Then Cap" what does it mean? shall I put something over the connection point of the hoses I just removed ?

later in the description...

"Disconnect the hose that runs from the left side of the wastegate VSV (1 in fig 6) up to the metal tube, then cap (1 in fig. 7).

Didn't I already disconnected this hose in the earlier steps???
This one also ends with this "then cap" please help me explain this "cap" thing.......

Any help is appreciated, so I know what to do when I start with the installation.


:cool: :cool:
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Anybody .........

just want to make sure that "then cap" means that I shall plug it, seal it, or whatever it´s called.....

please anyone......

what do you mean by the expression "then cap"

:( :( :(
Cap means to basically plug it. Just find some vacuum line plugs or caps as they are called (little nipple like things). They are used to seal off the connection.

When you have a complete boost controller install you should have a total of 4 points which will have caps on them. The 2 lines you removed from the vsv above the alternator, the metal tube up top that the left vsv line used to go to that you removed, and the metal nipple that comes out of the front of the Wastegate valve. That makes a total of 4 nipples "capped" off, or plugged as you say.

Your boost controller servo lines will go to the nipple at the top of the wastegate, and the nipple at the #1 turbo.

Hope this helps some. The vaccuum caps should be easily found at any hardware store or such. Probably need 6mm or so, but get a bunch of different sizes just in case, and also for future toying around.

thx SupraBob,

This was just that explanation I was looking for....

Damn , I should have been on more english lessions at school....

:D :D
Na, you do just fine with English. I noticed the Sweden tag under your name, so I elaborated more.

Good luck on the SBC-ID. Ive been thinking of getting one myself

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