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I recently bought a 90T. I am still driving my 89 n/a. (f/s soon). Anyways, due to some health and now time problems...I need to work 24/7. I need the motor to be tip top by May or around that time. The car has approx. 140,000 w/ a motor w/ approx. 30,000-50,000mi on it. It's misfiring, leaking at the pan & I think the valve covers are too.(misfire). I just don't have the time to check all gaskets, put on my new exhaust, check for boost leaks, blah, blah, blah. I am however FULLY dedicated to her, and will do/pay anything to get the motor ready to drive/mod.
I'm outside Philly and need a good/honest shop to take it to...anyone know anywhere who will find all problems and fix them on my 7M and not try to burn me? PLEASE HELP!!!

P.S.- The whole reason I'm so worried is because I was burned on some work with my old mk4, ended up losing all kinds of $ and the car.
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