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I own a 94 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo with 102000 miles. I have done some basic performance upgrades to my car such as a boost cut controller, a blow off valve, a performance exhaust system by greddy, a performance downpipe, and a larger front mount intercooler.

After the upgrade, I have noticed that the engine oil is leaking. Whenever I drive the car hard, it emits white smokes right after the #2 turbo had spooled. I have to add about a quart of oil every once a week. Recently, I have done a compression test along with the leak down test at a local mechanic shop in Lexington, KY.

And the compression numbers were

1 = 185 psi 2 = 183 psi 3 = 187 psi 4 = 190 psi
5 = 187 psi 6 = 180 psi

The leak down test:

1 = 3% 2 = 13 % 3 = 3 % 4 = 1 %
5 = 2 % 6 = 3 %

The mechanic believed that the oil seemed to be leaking past bearing in #2 turbo, and he recommended me for turbos repair or replacement. It would be great if you could give your comments about the compression and leak down test results. How can you tell, by looking at this test, if the oil is really leaking from the turbos not from worn out piston rings. Would it be worth it to upgrade to single rather than replacing the stock twins

Thanks You

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Those are good compression numbers for a 102k mile car. IMO your mechanic is right in suggesting a rebuild of #2.
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