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Greetings all,
I have been racking my brain with this issue since last November when I took the car to get dyno tuned. We replaced the coils, plugs, injectors, nothing seemed to remedy the issue, not even changing the wiring up to go full sequential on the injection.

Engine Run #1: 3:41(includes AEM tuner feed)
Engine Run #2: 10:52(includes AEM tuner feed)
First part of issue in video has the Base driftmotion mapping
Second Part I used the same tune map from the dyno runs last Nov.

40mm WG
3" exhaust
630cc Siemens Injectors (full sequential)
Spartan 2 wideband with Bosch O2
Omni Power 3 Bar MAP
AEM Series 2 from driftmotion
HKS BoV 380lph pump
Compression 170±10psi

With O2 Feedback disabled, everything looks like it stabilizes. Do I have my feedback settings wrong? Do you think it’s the Spartan 2 controller? I have also tried just setting the IACV closed and cracking the throttle on idle to remove variability and it still had a bit of an issue. If you have any idea what the issue is, or need additional data from AEM maps etc, please let me know. I am tired of this project not moving forward and really want to get it moving forward.

That being said I don't want to do the MO-chanic thing and just throw MO parts at the problem.

If there is anyone with experience with the 1JZ in the FL panhandle area that wouldn't mind taking a look let me know.

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