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Need help on seperating Targa top

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I am trying to fixing the targa top noise; however, I have trouble seperating it. I removed the screws for the 4 corners for the roof side rails. how do I pull the roof headlining? Do I need to remove the roof mouldings? If so, how do I remove them? I try to be very cautious, b/c I don't want to break them and spend $$ getting new parts. Please give me some suggestions. Thanks.
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Let me know if you figure this out - I will be tackling the same problem soon. Send me an email to [email protected] when you get it done.

I haven't looked much, but I am guessing that you need to remove the retaining clips and gutter assembly.
First let me suggest that the noise may not be in the top itself, but the four contact points where the roof bolts down to the chassis.

If you want to tear down the top, here's the procedure: Remove the small black screws found on both ends of the rubber weatherstipping. Then carefully strip the rubber away from the metal on all four corners. Don't worry much about it, because you will re-attach these four areas with black ATV (silicone). Pull both long weatherstrip pieces completely out of the channel of both sides of the targa. Remove the screws found in the valley of the channels, and the black trim pieces will come away freely.

The headliner is held in place with 5-6 yellow connectors on the front and rear edges that slip in and slide into slots punched out of the masonite upholstered panel. (I suggest ordering new clips at 10 cents each before you start, rather than killing yourself taking extreme care to remove them. That way, when you break them, it's no big deal.) Anyway,once the clips are detached, you are left with just the aluminum roof with the safety lock mechanism exposed.

Good luck,
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I had to fix the same thing. There was a really good picture in the manual section under tech articles at I'm not sure its still there but its worth a try. Hope it helps, that rattle is sooooo annoying.
I'm sorry, its actually under specifications under the '95 repair manual. Its the same for all mkiv's though.
Thanks for the suggestions. I will give it a try again during weekend.
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