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Guys, I need your help re-installing the boost controller.

Two months ago I had to put my car back to stock to pass emissions. In doing so, I disconnected a lot of the tubing/tees related to my Greddy boost controller and HKS BOV and hid/tucked the rest so the tech would pass me visually.

Two months later, I'm trying to put humpty dumpty back together again. I hardly drive the car, and my memory has failed me, and unfortunately I did not install this originally. I believe I've hooked everything up right, but I want confirmation that everything is run right before I button everything back up.

yellow hose-thin vacuum hose that runs over to drivers side firewall-I bet this goes to the back of the boost controller

"NC" port not used
"NO" and "COM" ports used

light blue hose-goes into the deep abyss-some actuator or something (this hose I disconnected at the tee and hid the exposed end when I smogged)

red hose-vacuum line?
green hose-vacuum line?
Is the purple hose correct too?

What I have:
Greddy boost controller
Greddy 60mm boost gauge
Greddy 60mm A/F gauge (worthless I
Greddy turbo timer

I believe the boost gauge's vacuum source was tapped right next to the TB.

P.S. To confuse things... if you look at my sig, the hoses are hooked up correctly (very old pic) but I can't follow all of them and see where they go..

The hose behind the K&N air filter coming off the tee...where's that going??
Two hoses are parallel and duck under the pipe going to the intercooler.. then I only see one hose!! Which of the two hoses on the left is in sight on the right? And where does the other one go?

Thanks in advance for your help. :)

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loooooooks ok, although its hard for me to see what is going where with all the colors. the BOV should just be hooked up to a pressure source coming from the intake manifold, the NO and COM ports are used on the boost control selenoid, i believe the COM goes to the top port of the wastegate actuator and the NO goes to pressure source. im not sure the T in the orange and blue line is correct though, that should run straight from the COM to the wastegate actuator.

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Did you ever figure this out? Cuz I'm gonna be hooking up a "GReddy/Trust T.V.V.C - Ultimate Manual Boost Controller" soon myself
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