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Need Help - Strange Noise

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Hey guys-

I get a strange rattling/chattering noise in my car when it is idling and in neutral. When I depress the clutch the noise goes away and everything is fine, when I drive and switch gears, it fine. The chatter/rattling noise only comes when my car is on neutral and idling. Any ideas on what it is before I get it check out?? I thought maybe it was a loose exhaust bolt/nut but the noise is just too loud for it. Sounds seems to be coming from the engine compartment, though I am not 100% sure.

My car is a 94tt with 77k on the clock, with 45k of that on BPU+ (cam gears) I am still on the stock flywheel/clutch.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

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Its prolly your throw out bearing.... very common that happens on the 6 spd.... get it changed it'll fix the problem... though pending on how much u abuse it.. it might come back again.... or when u go twin or triple disk.... it'll be all the time chattering then... check the FAQ on it'll tell you about that chattering too... hell I got sick of changing it.... I just left it... so it chatters when it feel like it.... :D
depends on how loud it is, the all the getrag 6speeds make a little noise normaly best heard in the garage with the radio off at idle it is normal don't worry about it.

Same problem with my MKIV at the moment... 111tkm (70k miles) on the clock...
Should change only the throw out bearing, than this funny noise will be away from your car.
I contacted Dusty from mvpmotorsport to get a new racing clutch. We are evaluating which one I should take at the moment... May somebody want to place his experiences?

Cheers, Emanuel
Thanks for the replies guys-

I have also been told that the sound might also be my stock flywheel. Any thoughts.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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