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Hey guys, I have an 87 Turbo Auto

It pulls good till about 4-5k rpms, at this point it starts to rapidly backfire (Like a studderbox rev limiter almost) and just stops pulling and the CEL comes on for a split second.. but it doesn't stay on so I can't pull codes... Does anyone have any Idea what this could be? Ive replaced Plugs and that didnt help.

the mods on the car include,
JBLMK3 turbo elbow
Cone air filter
and stock boost for now (5-6psi)

Does anyone have any ideas? thanks.

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you can only bump once every 72h.

And you can pull codes regardless of if the light is on or not, it stores them. go check for codes and report back.

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Switch Signal No "IDL" signal, "NSW" signal or "A/C" signal to ECU during diagnostic check

A/C switch circuit
A/C switch
A/C amplifier
Throttle position sensor circuit
Throttle position sensor


Air Flow Meter Signal

HAC Sensor Signal

Open Circuit in E2 or short circuit between VC and VS
Open or short circuit in HAC sensor signal

Air Flow meter circuit
Air Flow meter

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see if the KS are plugged in, one of my wires came off. But i was lucky.. The one beside the starter is hard to get to so you may need to look at it from the bottom or look really hard from the top. I havent tried the rewire but i heard it works well..

Also what brand of plugs are you using?
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