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Can someone explain to me whats goin on?
just all the sudden my 91 w/ a 1j started to have some serious issue in the morning somtime at night ??

Every morning this happens:
-engines turns but dont fire? just keeps turning forever..
-I did a engine check light it shows a code 41 TPS?
-but later in the morning went it maybe warmer in tempture
it starts up w/o any issues..And all code just concelled out..

I've replace:
-stock fuel pressure regulator w/ another 1jz OEM reg.
-stock fuel filter. w/ a OEM part
-going to change fuel pump soom w/ Walbro 255 waiting for part to come in..

I've trouble checked fuel pump it seems to switch on w/ ignition??
I can hear the fuel flow at the fuel rail, but the amount pressure in fuel rail
I don't know that volume.. but i can squeeze return holes w/ my finger..

In my opinion it seems temp. releated of some kind..
In the past- every morning my car always started
w/o any problems except my hydro-fan stayed on high for about 15mins
or when the engine got hotter..
people say my hydro-fan never turns off or go to low mod.

Can someone help me w/ this problem...
I want to drive my car w/o thinking if a need a tow truck as a good friend..

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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