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sup all first i would like to say this is my first thread here been checking out this forum for about 3 weeks and gotta say that i dont feel alone in the love of a supra i have a 91 turbo..7mgte well heres basically some of the mods i have done so far to the car k/n intake and 3" downpipe and exhaust, no cat at all. Boost controller/timer aftermarket bov
hose technique silcone hoses moroso 8mm wires, ngk platinums boost and airfuel guages, shimmed waste gate 4 washers on each bolt. Clutch fan removed with black magic dual electric fans instead. koyo radiator, some emissions removed bvsv and canistor
a/c compressor and all a/c componets it didnt work anyways.It has a auto tranny in it sucks but cool in other ways is there a push button tranny for our car? anyways i thinks that about it for
mods well now i bought a adjustible fuel regulator with a fluid filled guage on [email protected] ebay for a 100 bucks its made by OBX hopefully it will be worth a [email protected]# .How do i go about adjusting it
where do i start how do i test what do i look for in problems or signs of problems? what pressure do i start off at? please send me any info and please be specific im a stoner that is a back yard mechanic so i dont have the luxurys of expensive equipment but i
have common sense to listen to my baby when she bitches when
i first got her i put her on a dyno and she pulled a 195hp and 210 torque at the wheels what do u think shes at now running 10 lbs of boost?
ill thank you in advance for any comments peace...

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and what do i do after that listen for the car to bog or jus bumb it up and keep going till it feels right?
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