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Nope, just make sure the bolt you get is suitable for the job, and that you use new copper washers. Try to get a bolt that is threaded all the way, or has a really short shoulder, otherwise the copper washer won't squish. The bolt also has to be kind of short (you might have to cut one, and depending on how the cut goes, go over it with a die). If the bolt is too long, you can stack a few (2-3) of the washers together, but just remember to keep turning the bolt until you feel all of them deform.

In any case, if you cannot find anything locally, you can order, from summitracing or, a 12x1.25 -> -6an adapter, and then a -6an cap, but after shipping and stuff it'd run you like $20. If you go this route, use a copper washer from the parts store, and not the washer/o-ring that comes with the adapter.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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