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Kinda tough to diagnose what your problem is over the web, much less tell you how to solve it, don't ya think? I'll tell you what, it doesn't sound like you need to go out and spend tons of money on new stuff just yet.

The pause at ACC/ON prior to starting is a good idea on any EFI car, it gives the fuel pump time to get pressurized and properly send fuel to your injectors. Aside from that, do a lil' diagnosin' using the Toyota Service Repair Manual. You can find it online at if you don't have a hardcopy.

If the car is running fine aside from that initial start, chances are you're not causing irreperable(sp?) damage to anything beyond the battery/starter, and probably not even that. Be patient, use every resource available to you, and the answer just might come to you for FREE, GRATIS, NADA!!! And the best things in life are free, after all.

I'm pretty green to this whole Supra community, but I've already helped pull my motor, rebuild the block AND, seperately I might add, swap out my HG already, so if you have any questions regarding those issues, feel free to ask. Good luck.

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