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ok I haven't been here in awhile, some quick nfo

I have a 1982 celica supra L series. I HAD stock rims until my ex boyfriend took them off to put a nice set of Z racing wheels on them from a car he had sitting with no engine. Well notice I said EX, he moved out, took the tires off my car to put back on his car. Now the stock rims were put on his car just to hold it up two of the tires were actually jsut being stored under the car. One crazy night some doushbags decided it would be cute to take two of the tires. Now my ex owes me a set of rims. Well I decided to go easy on him and say, I was giong to get new rims anyways so we'll just split the cost 50/50 and I'll take care of the tires. OK! so now my car is sitting with two donuts and two real wheels on it.

Now I will state my problem after I tell you what I don't want to hear.
1. how much of an idiot I am for having this happen in the first place.
2. how much of an idiot and a loser my ex is and how he should pay for the entire set and tires. Granted we still are somewhat friends with eachother
3. Look on the door because its right there (not using the "Im a girl" as an excuse but there is soooo much crap wrote on that door and in Japanese. This is much easier TRUST ME)

So here's my problem FINALLY!

1.I need to know the size rims the car needs takes, bla bla bla

*****I don't want fancy racing wheels, I would prefer just regular stock size.

OR if anyone is selling MII stock rims and they match, I want them as long as they are in good condition and shipping isn't more then your asking cost ('m located in Dayton ohio)


I can be emailed at

[email protected]
[email protected]

or aim'd at erinweck073081.
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