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need help

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ok this is my first post and i could use some advice, i have mk3 that is my pride, it has small upgrade suck as clutch, dp cat back and is boosted to 14lbs. i need advice because i currently got a spare 7m-gte and i want to build it up. i would like some suggestions on weak points of the engine, what turbo would be best for a decent spool up, also pistons. by the way my goal is to make about 400rwhp. any help is apreciated
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Welcome to the forum
Not trying to be an ass but these things have been covered alot so please try the search feture, it will yeild you with days worth of valuable reading.

You shoud check out the recent thread to the effect of guide to performace mods. it will quickly get you to 400 HP you seek.

Again welcome. I live nearby in NJ and work in NYC.

What year/color is your car?

check here

Then do a search on pistons, rods etc and you will find out more.

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sorry about that......its 90' silver with gray interior hopefully to be blue soon though, where in jersey are you from i was born there and spend some time there
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