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I've ben doing alot of research and wanted to use a public life line here.. I'd like to do a system in my car just for me. I'd never enter into competitions. I listen to alot of Rock, RnB, Rap and Latin. With that wide variety I needed something that can do a little of everything. I was thinking of doin the following..

2 10" Kicker L7's with Kicker Amps.. I'd like to match the subs with the amps..but idk..(dont know which ones yet.. any ideas??)

Alpine Type R Interiors..

HU (I'm thinking of doing a Pioneer Z1 or a cheaper face wit Alpine.. again.. need help)..

As for budget.. This is roughly it. I don't want to go too crazy but I don't wanna short change anything either. I think this setup would sound nice but again I'm not a car stereo guy.

I'm lookin for opinions on the Amps. 1 for the Sub and 1 for the Int...and comments on the choice of Interior Speakers and Subs.. Think I should go all 1 brand??? Keep Int Speakers brand with alpine brand Amp .. and kicker sub with same brand amp??? Thanks guys..any little bit helps :)
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