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Well, found out something has gone bad in my valvetrain, so the head has to come off. since it'll be off, might as well replace everything and be done with it. If I can get a few parts I need off here a little cheaper than if I buy them brand new retail ( say you bought them and now won't be using them) That will be most benefitial.
All parts need to be new and unused.

Toyota Water Pump
Toyota Oil Pump
ARP head studs
Toyota idler and tensioner pulley
EGR block off plate
Ferrea valves- Stock size
ferrea valve springs
ferrea locators
ferrea locks
ferrea guides
ferrea retainers
crank pulley and sub pulleys- aluminum, no colors
aftermarket cam gears- can be used with minimum wear
aftermarket cams-nothing agressive, 262 duration preferred. also can be used with minimum wear
Head gasket- (stock or stock sized preferred)
braille battery and mounting kit( or another dry racing battery with mount)

Let me know what you got with shipping.
Will update list with parts needed if I think of them, I know I'm missing a few things.

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I have
* a mint condition crank pulley
*OEM cam gears in great shape
*Toyota idler and tensioner pulley, idler puller is almost new

I will do $175 shipped for all. I can get you pics if you PM me your email addy that you want them sent to.
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