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Does anyone know how to swap out the short block on the 2jz GTE ? I have a single Turbo and my bottom end has a hole in it. I already have the new short block fully assembled and ready to be drop in!! I'm basically trying to avoid having a shop do it, because I called a few shops and most of them have quoted me almost 2k just for the labor.

If anyone has done this before or has experience please get in contact with me. I will pay whoever can perform this swap!! I need this done asap!! Or if someone knows of a person or a shop that can do this for a very reasonable price, please give me there contact information.

Again, I need this done asap! I will pay on the spot!!!!

I'm located in Columbia,SC. This post only applies to ppl witin reasonable driving distances.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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