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which one

  • old design KDW with 275

    Votes: 3 50.0%
  • new design KDW with 255

    Votes: 3 50.0%
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first of all i have stock tt wheels (in the rear i currently have 275 40 17 old tread design KDW)

i really want the bfgoodrich KDW-2 (new tread design) but they only have them in 255 40 17.

should i go down in size and get the 255 or stick with the old design and get the 275's?

the new KDW have better ratings in wet/dry then the old KDW

need help!

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If cost is not an issue, go with the Goodyear F-1 GS-D3.

Those were the ones I really wanted, but the other memebers of my household decided they wanted food and utlilites instead, so I ended up with the Supra 712s.

Get that car ready man, I want to see you at Milan this year!


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Orion ZyGarian said:
I say get the KDs over the KDWs, otherwise go Kuhmo Supras just like everyone else here :lol:
Aside from the fact that those are just fun to say you have "supra" tires.. the khumo MX's are much much nicer and are still cheap. That's what i have on my car and i LOVE them with the mkiv tts. Near the same tire size as you as well, 285/40's in the rear.
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