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I'm going to Seattle this May long weekend (May 22 is a holiday in Canada)to visit my bro. My 87 corolla gts is pretty much sold so I thought I'd use the cash and take advantage of the high CAN dollar, and have a few things shipped there. I need some advice on the following parts as I am still kind of new to the supra performance upgrade world (90 turbo)

Here is what I plan to pick up
T04E 57 trim. I'm looking for 400+rwhp and little lag as this is a street car.
ARP head studs
Walbro fuel pump
Leaning towards cometic mls HG but maybe HKS bead type
has anyone tried paradise racing?

I need some help with the clutch, from what I have researched I have heard
some say...ACT or RPS pressure plate and a stock disk...stock pressure plate and aftermarket disk (horsepowerfreaks bronze for example) or spec stage 3ect
Has anyone here had experience with one of these set ups? I'm Looking for something that feels and hopefully drives close to stock, but will handle the power I want and the occasional trip to the strip. longevity would be nice too.
Thats asking a whole lot I know. The more I research my options the more confused I get

I'd also like to get a wide band a/f meter with an rpm input.
I'm leaning towards the zeitronix zt-2. any experience or advice on this.

I know some of these subjects may have been beaten to death, but theres so much info out there it's hard to get a definitive answer, and your left scratching your head.
I need to start ordering parts asap if any of them are going to get to Seattle before me. also can you recommend anyone with fast shipping?
Thanks in advance
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