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I bought a brand new FJO w/b with the NTK sensor last year. It saw C16 for just the 3rd time Friday night and after my second race with a bike my AF ratio reads 10 at idle when it used to be 13 and when cruising it reads 11's when it used to be in the 14's. I changed spark plugs but it still does the same thing.
I guess this means my sensor died after just 3 times of using C16??

The only other thing that I can think of that could have caused this is on the last race I hit 2.1 bar(I have never boosted this high before) but I only have a 3bar MAP sensor hooked up to the AEM ecu. I remember Justin Nenni telling me when he tuned my car never go past 28psi because the AEM will not know what to do past 28psi.
Since I went to 30psi I wonder exactly what happened?

I need the price for part# S020003. Thanks.
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