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my r154 took a crap yesterday while testing my brand new turbo , stupid me forgot to hook up vac line to compressor side for boost controller and over boosted to about 26psi while shifting from 2nd to 3 gear and tanny went bamm

currently i have act hd pressure plate with act 6 puck disk since i am putting in another tranny tomm same r 154 i was thinking should i upgrade clutch disk to hp freaks bronze or will the act 6puck hold 550 ish to 575 rwhp

i do not drag the car , no lanuches from 1st ususally roll into 2nd and bang 3-5 and current tranny has lasted 2yrs at around 500rwhp

i need to order for next day delivery today so i can have by tomm

what do you guys think
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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