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ok, so im in the market for a new supra, 95-96, turbo, targa top, COMPLETELY 100% STOCK! now, i have a 40K budget for this car but obviously want to keep the cost of the initial purchase as low as possible, (around 15-20) and then upgrade as i go. my question is, in canada (toronto ontario) not only will i never find a stock supra, but since the FF movies people have gone nuts charging 35+ for their supras...

1. where in the US is the best place to look as far as importing one.
2. how much am i looking at as far as importing prices

Bonus Questions lol:

1. with 10 G's right off the bat what upgrades would you make? (im trying to achieve 500HP) id love to hear what you guys would do!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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