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Well here goes,
i just got my supra. 95 na..... Anyways it came with a pretty good stero. (clarion sub and and dvd player (touch screen tv).
Ill list my probs to make it easier to read.

1. I have the dvd player as my main source..(plays my cd's,dvd's and everything). Well 3 cords come out of the dvd unit and connect to the tv unit... (red,white,yellow plugs). i connect the red and white and 1/2 the system works (right side speakers and sub) the yellow plug is broken.. so i have a totaly different yellow cord...when i connect this the left side speakers start to make alot of static sound so i take them out... yeah so how do i get the whole thing working.

2nd problem.
2. The tv turns on...however all that shows up on the tv is a blank (yellow screen).. i know it works but because i still can play music thru it (the right side of the stero anyways). And the touch screen works cause i hear the beep when i touch it.... but there is just no picture comming up....Any ideas how to fix this problem???

Sorry about the long post..
And thankyou to ppl who bothered to read and even think about trying to help me
Cheers PeTe

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didn't you get instructions with your sets?

anyways, usually red + white are for the L+R audio channels and yellow is the video signal.

You should be able to just match up the colours, try plugging the yellow from the dvd in as the video signal to the TV.
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