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need some info re tt supra

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I just bought a 93 tt supra and need to know a few questions:

1. how much boost can you run until the fuel cut comes in?
2. am i better of going big sinlge or two larger turbos mainly for drag racing?
3. Does any1 know if a garret TO4 with .70 front ,1.32 a/r rear(p and h trim) turbo will be ok for the supra(or is it too big or too small?) or is the standard twins better?
4. i have a haltech e6k sitting in my garage and would like to know if this ecu is ok to use on this engine?and if so,does any1 else use it?

thats it for now.
If any1 can answer any of these Q's it would be a great help.

p.s. i have posted this in the technical forum but no replies,so im giving it a go in here
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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