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Ouch. Not good. Couple of things. Cast iron should never be welded. As you have seen, the results are never good. Perhaps someone in this world is good at it, but I have yet to see it. And I know some *really good* fabricators too. I'm sure you have figured it out by this point but just to reassure you, it did NOT come from Toyota that way. Nor are there any "common crack points". Maybe a few common breaking points on the exterior when Fedex drops them :rolleyes: .

I have only one guess on "how" it happened. Speculation, but here goes. The engine spun the main bearings in a previous life. The main caps probabaly did not pop right off and they wedged a screwdriver between the block and the main cap to free it. They applied a little too much pressure or used the wrong tool, and chipped that piece off the block. Then they proceeded to "weld" it back on.

As far as the cylinder goes, if I had to guess without it sitting in front of me, incorrect piston to cylinder wall clearance. The piston expanded as it warmed up and grabbed the cylinder wall. Low/no oil? *Possibly*, but that's a big thing to overlook at startup. On top of that, it appears to be localized in one cylinder. I'm not a big fan of aftermarket pistons myself. Case in point, that block is more than likely going to require an overbore. You *could* go .040 over but it's not recommended. I would pursue a refund if at all possible. That engine is *not* serviceable as is.

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