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Need source for brass fittings

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Where can I buy the brass fittings shown in the pic below? Are they available at NAPA? Anyplace on line? Also, what is the size (I.D) of the vacuum hose that runs to the stock wastegate actuator? Thanks.

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Grainger has those exact parts. they have a catalog and are online. size, i want to say 3/16" or a 1/4"
Hey, you'll probably have some luck going to an appliance parts shop. Some kind of warehouse supplier of appliance parts. I've built all kinds of manual boost controllers, fittings for boost guages, etc. from an appliance shop downtown (Little Rock).
I went to Home Depot and saw each of them there!
try McMaster Carr 1.630.833.0300

they have everthing in brass and then some.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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