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I'm testing out a program of mines to see how accurate it is. Its a Digital Dyno or what have ya, and it claims to be "precise". If anyone has, or knows where to get, the following specs, please respond. Thanks alot. Really.

Block - 3.0L (I know this one) :)
Bore - in.
Stroke - in.
Cyl. vol. - cc.
Total vol. - ci.
Cyl. Heads. - (4 valve head?)
Intake Valve - in.
Exhaust Valve - in.
Compression Ratio -
Compression Space - cc.
Induction Flow -
Manifold Type -

Intake lift @ valves -
Exhaust lift @ valves -

And any other Info I can get to calculate Trq+HP correctly, on a computer. I need all info to be based on the stock engine. Thanks supra guys, I'm also posting spec request on other forums to see how accurate this program is on all engines. Thanks again for any help!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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