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Im looking for a stock FPR in the 604. Preferably somoene in vancouver or near No6 and bridgeport as I am currently commuting via bicycle / GFs car :1poke:

I need it to put my car back to stock'ish for sale.

Look out in the future for the following parts FS:
3" Catback with SS magnaflow muffler and dynomax resonator
3" DP with integrated test pipe + WB Bung
Techedge 2a0 wideband/datalogger (very comparable to zeitronix)
SAFC 1 blue screen
Gredy type S
Walbro 255 fuel pump (BNIB)
Aeromotive AFPR (BNIB)
2.5" Custom aluminum IC pipes and custom 18x3x6 x-flow intercooler
BLITZ BAG TURBO FRESHLY REBUILT, polished compressor housing and ceramic coated exhaust!
...and whatever parts Ive forgotten.

I still love my car dearly but have lost motivation, and want to take a break.

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hey curits.
how much would you sell the fule pump for? i might start doing a fule system on my car soon. So im starting to look for what i wana get.
let me know. thanks
your car's still running hard..... besides that stupid NA engine :p
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