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Need Suggestions on tires

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I need some suggestions on the following tires for my stock rear wheels. I am just need good ones for street drving. Can someone tell me his/her experience with those and which one to go for?

Kumho Supra 712
Sumitonmo HTRZ II
BFG g-force T/A KDWS
Dunlop SP Sport 8000
BFG g-force T/A KDW

BFG g-Force T/A KDWS
BFG g-Force T/A KDW
Bridgestore Potenza RE730
Dunlop SP SPort 8000

BTW, will the 285s fit the the stock rear wheels good?
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I've got the Kumho Supra 712 and I think they are pretty good. Infact I rate them higher than the BFGs that I had previously.
....Plus they are a good price so I don't mind smokin' um. :D
If money is no object, the Bridgestone S-03 Pole Positions are absolutely amazing! Great grip Wet/Dry, Great feel, Pretty quiet, and they haven't shown any serious wear in 3000 miles.

If not, the S-02's are incredible as well.
My rears have 285s (Yokohama AVS Sports) on 'em with no issues whatsoever. That said, I think 275s would offer a slightly better contact patch.
Based on what you say you are looking for the Kuhmo Ecsta Supra (hell, it says Supra, what more can you ask for?)is you best bang for the buck. There are other tires which stick better but not by that great of a degree. The Kuhmos can be had for a great price and are also good rain tires. I have them and considerig the miles I put on my car, they make sense. I don't like buying tires every 8K when I put 20K a year on the car. At my regions Sports Car Club of America I would say the Kuhmos are the most prevalent street tire on the cars. Most people switch to DOT race rubber at the events. So if you are doing any kind of competitive events drag, road race, or Solo 2 hell get another set of rims and stick race rubber on it for that specialized purpose.
Barry H. 94ttsupra 6sp.
I had 275/40ZR-17 Kuhmos before I got my 18s. I wouldn't go any bigger than that on the stock rims, because your handling would suffer, although it would be ok for drag racing. For the fronts, don't go bigger than 245/40ZR-17.
hmmm so far seems like Kumho is a good choice for street driving for the money. Besides tirerack, anyone know where to get those cheaper? Or anyone in Atlanta area know a good and cheap place?
Sorry for the off-topic and all but, has anyone used Advan tires before and how are they. Thanks
RE730 are good, I've got the 245 and 275 out back.
I also have the bridgestone 730's. 235/45 and 275/40. IMHO, they are far superior than the Dunlop's and the Michellin Pilot stockers. Grip is
noticably different. I am not a weekend racer, but I do drive very enthusiastically on the road. I have broken them loose exiting sharp corners on a heal-toe down shift, but they recovered well and are predictalble. They are not the best, but you get a lot for the money (tire rack). I had a tough time justifying the purchase of SO-2's or SO-3's for the OE wheels. Bridgestones are an excellent choice.
6 fiend said:
Yokohama = Advan
Sorry what i had in mind were the Advan A038 or the A039
how do they compair with other tyres in the same catorgory?
i use yoko avs intermediate, and im pretty happy with them. they are pretty cheap, just a little more the kumhos, and they stick pretty well in dry and wet. i paid 120 each installed for 275-40-17's
Don't know of any place in Atlanta. I got mine from Tire Rack. If I were you I would go with 245s in the front and275s in the rear. I have 265s in the rear but find I am "driving the rear end" more than I want because it gets loose quicker than the front.
Barry H.94ttsupra 6sp.
Atlanta tire buys

Don't know what area of Atl you live in,but you can negotiate tire prices at NTB, not just their stated original price. I have done this several times. They will usually meet Tire Rack prices on any of their stock lines. If you live near Marietta, the Merchant's Exchange store ( Jophnson"s Ferry & Hwy120-Roswell Rd) would treat you right. Ask for John- Mgr. Tell him guy with Red Lightning & red Supra sent you. Have Matt do mounting & balancing. DO NOT GO TO BUTLER TIRE. THEY INTENTIONALLY SOLD ME WRONG SIZE (OFFSET) RACING HART M5'S. BTW, I don't work for or have any connection with NTB!

Get the Potenza RE730s in 285/40/17.

I have 4 of them, 255/40/17 up front and 285/40/17 in back.

Grip is great. Only loses traction really cold nights, and that can be solved with a burnout.

I think the only tires that would grip better in a straight line would be the pole positions, g-forces, or drag radials. Those are all pretty expensive, though.
So what's the suggestion on the size on stock wheels? I am planning to put 255/40/17 on the front and 275/40/17 on the back...
I always see your car at Tuned but you are never there!!!

As for tires, I've had Yoko AVS Sports, Nitto Drags, and BFG KD/W. I loved my AVS Sports and I loved my Nitto Drags. If you are willing to spend the extra cash, I'd go with AVS Sports. But Nitto Drags are fairly cheap and I have had no tire that are stickier than them. But they don't last that long :(
Hehe :) Well since John and Steve are gone I won't be at Tuned too often now. you prob will see my car be either at Phil's house or Sandy Spring Toyota and you prob still don't see me. :D j/k. Talking about Tuned, that reminds me they didn't give me back my boost controller manual and stock airbox... Anyways, I would like to see you and other Atlanta Supra owners more often though. I live about 5 mins from Phil's house, so let me know what you up to :) BTW, about the tires, what size you have on yours now? how about the BFG KDW and KDWS? I am trying to be a cheap bastard b/c I am poor :D so whichever the cheapest and reliable tires on street is gonna win my heart :p
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