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Need the Link for DP install!!

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man..that lil nut is harder to take out then i tought!! can ne body hook me up with that dp installation link? thanks!
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thank you!!! now i am ready for a 2nd try at the dp install!!
didnt AL. tell you to use an impact gun to save you the head aches?

well good luck !and the magic word is wd40 ----lots of it.
been there done this... soak it with some lubricant...over nite.. use a wrench with an extension....good luck
Yep, get a good breaker bar and a wobble extension and your set
yea..but the impact gun will not fit the bolts under the manifold vic!!!!

well, im pretty knocked out from work and need sleep for work agian i gota get some sleep!!! but i did put lotttta wd 40 on them:D
using an impact gun might lead to a broken stud....believe me I know....:(
"but i did put lotttta wd 40 on them"

Better to use the PB stuff!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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