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previous owner BOOST ALMIGHTY had put in a Sparco Flash 5 Steering Wheel. Now, recently got a new steering wheel with airbag in it off ebay direct from HONG KONG out of a '99 supra.

My question, is from what i can see when i took the sparco wheel off the car, theres just a black wire with a single clip connector on it. But on the back of the new wheel, theres a white connecter clip. I was told the black wire needs to connect for the horn? Where's that at? on the back of the wheel that the black wire needs to be hooked up to?

What needs to be done to make the horn & airbag both functional? I want to have a little added safety, so i figured this was the first step in doing so. I emailed the guy before the bid was placed on the steering wheel, and he said everything would work. But i thought i'd console the experts here on SF. Thanks for the help in advance!

- Christian
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