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Need your help Curt!!

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I was installing some coilovers on my 93.5 Supra TT 6speed when I noticed some red liquid under the front part of the car. I figured it was either coolant or power steering. After inspection, I saw that it was coming from the weep hole on the bottom of the water pump.

After installing the coilovers, I started the car and let it run to see if any coolant would come out of the weep hole. A couple very small drops came out and that was it. Does this mean the water pump is about to take a dump on me??
I only drive my car on the weekends so would I be pushing my luck to keep driving the car like it is?? This weekend I will keep my eye out for any coolant left on the ground.
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If Coolant Is Leaking Out Of The Weep Hole, The Only Fix Is To Replace The Pump.
well this is the first time this has happened that I know of. When I started the car and let it run for a while only a couple of small drips came out. I drove back home and didn't notice any leaks on the ground. Why would it leak one time and then not leak the other??

How hard is it to replace the water pump and what other parts do I need besides the pump??
Medium mechanical skills. Pump/gaskets/ antifreeze is all that is needed. You might need a drive belt.

Keep an eye on the radiator, make sure its full and recovery jar half full.
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