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wheres the pics of the 6,5's in your doors already :p
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check back here monday or tuesday:cool:

You didn't see the duct tape.;) (damn rattles)
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Beautiful! Thanks!!

What material did they make the mounts out of? I think you said plywood but can't remember for sure.

So they mounted the crossovers behind the door panel? Can you reach them if you pull the grill off, or do you have to remove the door panel. Not really a big deal I guess, plus it gets them out of the way.

Are you coming to TX2K2? Sure would like to hear those 6.5's. On the other hand, maybe I wouldn't, hehe....Cha ching!!
You have to remove the door panels to access the crossovers. I live about 10 mins away from River City Raceway where I believe all the Supras are gonna do their racing after dynoing in Houston?. I would let you listen to them. I should have a new headunit by then.
hey needsboost, since you need boost, why dont you save the money from buyin a stereo and use it for buying a turbo engine?


by the way, nice mounts. ill be putting my Boston 6.5 components in my car in a few weeks hopefully, ill have to sound deaden the door first though.
A. In college.
B. Make $7/hr.
C. Just spent $1800 having engine rebuilt.
D. Car has almost 190,000 miles.
E. Got most of my stereo equipment as gifts.

That enough reasons?:D
So i'm guesssing the 6.5's are not sealed????...

thanks alot for the pics
No, they aren't sealed, but I sure wish they were. You'd have to do some custom fiberglassing for that. I've never worked with fiberglass before. Hmmm....maybe I should trace my 6.5" cutouts on paper for others to use as a pattern.....anyone interested?
I wouls also make good use of some templates......
If I were to scan it onto my computer, and resized the image with Photoshop using inches as a meter instead of pixels, would the image stay the same size on any resolution, on any size monitor? That way u could just print it out or hold a paper up to your monitor and trace it. I'm wondering if that will work. It's either that or I'll have to use snail mail.:(
I think that will work..

Or just pur measurements for its size to also help with sizing
Duct tape fixes everything...
TITO said:
Duct tape fixes everything...
Man you wouldn't believe the shit I've seen people use to "fix" stuff and rig crap up. I used to do that kind of crap when I worked on other's people's cars. Heehehe I remember one car that I twisted together 2 pieces of 8 guage and taped that bad boy to hell.
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