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Well, Names Justin, I just moved to Albuquerque, NM. I have been hovering around a few Supra forums to help decide what I want to do for my next project. I had a 05' supercharged Tundra than did built 06' Evo 9 that ended up with 580awhp, after the Evo I bought a 04.5' Duramax Diesel and built that to push a little over 500whp and I dont want to blow the trucks motor, id rather use it as a DD/Tow vehical.

So I was looking into 240sx's but I want something a bit nicer, now ive been looking into 93-98' Supras and plan on buying a shell and a new motor in the next couple of months because I want to do a full build my way and not buy someone elses "work" . Im wanting around 600-650whp on a low boost tune(no bottle) and 800-900whp on high boost tune with bottle. :eek4dance Im wanting something that'll keep up with my CBR1000RR or be relativly close. :run:

Any suggestions or leads on shells would be nice, I have heard of one here locally but havnt had a chance to go check it out yet.

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