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New 7-Series from BMW

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Might be introduced in April 2008

- V8 Twin-Turbo with approximately 490hp

- Three Diesel models are planned: a 730d with 231hp, a 735d twin turbo with 286hp and the 745d (V8 with approximately 350hp)

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coulda been nice but the front is over exagerated. glad to see turbos comming back into the market as other companies are doing the same.
that is some serious camouflage. who the fuck knows what's under that...
nice but does it matter? it will break down often .ITS a BMW.
V8 Twin-Turbo with approximately 490hp
O rly?

If the car looks anything like the picture, it will be hawt. I really like the design of the CS, so this will be good.

edit:: Ranger, don't you have an M3?

You know it's going to be ugly, but you just can never prepare yourself.
Has some of AM's usual front end in there...

I will have to wait until I pass final judgement. But the drivetrain line up seems pretty potent so far...:)

looks like the Concept CS alot. Twin turbo v-8 seems kind of wierd for a big luxary sedan
its about time bmw stepped up the big 7's even the 760 is a joke in performance terms to a S55, S600, S65.

Ill never own another bmw though even if it had 9000hp and was $15k... ok well maybe for $15k i would
Lol, im loving the ball peen hammer camoflauge effort!
I must be the only one that thinks that concept looks hot, except for the wheels.
I'm not sure I like the looks, but the 490 HP TT V8 sounds good to me:agreed: I knew sooner or later BMW would have to up the HP ante to better compete with the S600's of the world.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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