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New camshaft?

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well im getting my hg repaired and my block looks to be good but my camshafts are all chewed up? Well i sent them to the machine shop and trying to see if i can still use them or if i need to get brand new ones? Well why did it chew my camshafts up? well thanks for any and all help
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Probably the standard 7M gouged up babbit material on the Cam journals.

Do the lobes look ok?

Post pics
I agree. Might be normal even if the machine shop says they are bad. Post pix.
well im not actualy fixing the car my self one of my firends dad(toyota tech) is doing the work for me and he said that the camshafts were all chewed up but the block was fine. So posting a pic would be hard but are you guy saying that this is normal? well if not then im going to have to buy used ones bc the brand new ones are like 600 each. i will have to save up for those this car is a daily driven so i need my car back
If you really need new cam might as well upgrade to Brian Crower cam. They're decent in pricewise.
So if the machine shop says they are gone u say put them in any way? Also if the camshafts were on the way out can i use them for a while? Thanks for the help guys
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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