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So I picked up an sc300 a few weeks ago been working on it till today. It was in a somewhat horrible condition when the shipping truck dropped it off; dirty ass interior, bunch of blunt roaches under the seat, thick layer of dust on the outside, fucked up idle, inaccurate gauge cluster, broke passenger window regulator and so on.

Oh yeah, its been sitting in someone garage for the past 2 years so there's bound to be shit fucked up somewhere.

I've been trying to pretty her up and this is what I've done so far:
-Fuel ECU bypass
-Tune up
-Replaced rusted ass tie rods with mkiv tt
-sc400 lip
-Repaired Volk GT-Us from previous mkiv crash
-Rice HIDs


zzz boring

Photoshopped concept:

What I have so far:

nice and rice, just like how I want it

now waiting for fucking edmoan to give me his eibachs.

edmoan, if you're reading this, hurry the hell up foo.

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More pics of the GS!

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Nice, I say get the 97+ tails while you're at it. Is that damage under the driver door on the panel, can't really tell from the pics. Any plans to go na-t or gte swap?
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