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after all that Bs last week i rode on my P45F for 3 days and sold them for a G ball. to some guy with a vr4. then rode all the way to see chris form and xchange in parts. Last night i went to shoot some photos and get some ice cream so hey PHOTO shoot with my garbge camera

so the soarer badge is on the car
Rota D2 18x9+30 (with strech tires)
Wise Lip (thanks chris if u see this)
ebay lights ( these are better than stocks night N day difference in looks lighting and appeal)

i took these on a bridge so if is blurry i was dodging cars on foot on the hiway

as for the car i have alot more stuff i havent shown yet but i just want o say thanks to all the people who have help me so far so

5sp_jzz30 pavel
dan from $$$$
my girl
and my baby Sincere for not breaking down on me
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