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So after waiting weeks for this damn online place to ship me my clutch, only to find out they want me to agree to some additional several hundred dollar shipping charge, I told them to take a hike, and found a local place I could order in a new clutch.

Ordered a Centerforce Dual Friction clutch tuesday morning, had it wednesday evening. Thursday afternoon I sent my flywheel off to get resurfaced, picked it up Friday morning. Got about 5 hours of work done Friday night, getting the transmission back up (By myself I might add), and other various odds and ends. Had to work 12hrs on saturday due to sick people, couldn't work on my car. Sunday I slept in until 5:30pm, as I had to work all night. Had dinner with my family for Mother's day, after dinner, I had an hour to get my pressure plate bolted on before work. Worked all night, went home, and was too excited. I got my exhaust bolted on, filled the tranny with oil, and finished up anything else that needed to be done.

...Then I drove it around the block. Oh how I've missed my car. I had the biggest grin ever.

I'm really liking the clutch so far (yeah, all 5km). It has a stiffer pedal feel then stock, only by a bit. Makes it feel REALLY nice. The pedal vibrates a bunch right now, but that's probably due to the lack of break-in right now.

The transmission is a million times better now with a new shifter bushing, and some Royal Purple gear oil in it. Feels brand new. I couldn't imagine that changing the oil would make such a difference

While the exhaust was off, I punched out the cat. There's an exhaust leak at the cat/DP joint, but I can live with it for now. I have to take all that appart to install my new Y pipe/ down pipe when they come anyways.

The car sounds and feels soooo good, oh how I've missed it.

Now to get 800km of city driving done by friday when I'm scheduled to go to the dyno with my brother.
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