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New Engine Question?

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I got a question, is it ok to swap a new engine into a car that have a blown engine. In that blown engine, that car has upgraded turbo, injection, and other stuff. Will it be normal if the I just put the new engine in and hook up every wire just like it was on the blown engine. Move the turbo, injection and the other upgraded stuff to it. Will the car run the same or I have to adjust the safc again?
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Not to sound like an ass, but It doesn't sound like you're ready to do a swap? But I am not here to judge, only to help.

My advise is to use all of the sensors off of your old motor so that your original wiring harness will plug right in.

Use your original motor mounts if they are different.

If it's a JDM motor, check the heater piping around the head, if different use your original.

Basically, if anything is different, use your original so it all fits back in with little hassle.

The car does not know what motor is in there, so if it all goes in the way it came out, should be no problem.

Take lots of pictures, and put everything in baggies with labels. Shame on you if you are back in here asking where everything goes back. Good Luck and don't be shy about questions, this is not the easiest project to tackle.
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