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Name - Shane Dempsey
Location - Cork City, Ireland
Email / Paypal - PM
ZIP - N/a
State - N/a

* New Limited Edition Fender Emblem Set *

Have been working on these for awhile now trying to get the emblem set as close to the OEM piece as possible.

Happy to share these with the Supra community :) The font is now the same as an OEM piece and also the black border around the 15th Anniversary is closer to the 3 sides as per the original. Small details I know but I wanted to try my best in getting these as close to the original as possible

I am very happy with these. I have a limited few sets available right now. All available and ready for immediate shipping.

Item will be shipped with tracking & Insurance. You will be provided with your tracking number as soon as they ship. Normally the next day :)

Payment by paypal goods or services or as a gift. IF paying via goods & services, please cover the fees - 3.5%

I try to keep the cost as low as possible for everyone including the international shipping from Ireland to you guys

Each set consists of 5 pieces
2 main 15th anniversary fender emblems
2 top pieces - Limited Edition (these are stickers)
1 ashtray emblem

Both the ashtray emblem and fender emblems are domed. These are not just stickers as some people thought before.Emblems are done on a brushed aluminium background. Emblems are the same color as the originals, the lighting in my pic is just reflections from the laptop screen and the tv etc

If you would like a set, drop me a message or comment here.

Price is $130 shipped

Discounts available for multiple sets ordered

Thanks for taking the time to look :)






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Few sets available if anyone needs a set

Drop me a PM

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